Hey! We Just Saw A Movie

We are a couple that watches a lot of movies and has a lot to say. Sometimes we disagree.

Hey, we're Josh and Michelle, we're that cute couple that got together in high school, dated through college, got married and 16 years later decided to make a podcast together. A tale as old as time. In fact, our story is so cute you will be giddy to find out our first date involved noodles and the movie Seven on VHS. (shut-up, we're not that old.)

We love watching movies. Over the years we realized we have a lot to say after a movie and have a lot of fun in our post-screening chats or rants (depending on the movie).

In each episode we'll walk through a current movie we just watched together. We're not film students so there won't be much technical analysis, but there will be a little research of the movie and cast and a lot of random thoughts. In general we tend to view the world through a comedic and thoughtful lens, and then blurt out whatever comes to mind. We may mix in a throwback episode here and there and watch something from way back.

You're invited to grab some popcorn and enjoy!